1. (7:35) It's Tommy. Making it clear that he isn't a Republican or a Democrat but that GWB is the man for the job. God knows that theDems would have loved to have had him at their little shindig. "We've taken the fight to the terrorists"..."The only question is whether we fight them over there or over here". He's echoing Zell and looks incredibly strong. When he says that "hope is not a strategy", you know he probably learned it the hard way at some point.

2. (7:44) Refuting the Kerry claims that our troops were sent in unprepared and ill-equipped. I'd assume he'd know. He's giving a briefing, marching orders as it were. It's rather refreshing. He seems to be making a point about remembering the veterans, a subtle reference to someone who didn't say very nice things about the veterans of a different war? Good job, General.

3. (7:51) Shockingly, the normally staid Command Post is encouraging the intake of adult beverages. Following the rules may result in severe alcohol poisoning (hell, if you played the game drinking only water, you'd probably drown).

4. (8:07) Sorry for the pause. My lovely Italian wife just brought me a meatball for testing purposes. God, that girl can cook!

5. (8:30) Just when I thought that Allah might not be so omnipresent, he shows up. Even Allah has to have dinner with the folks every once in a while...

6. (8:35) Michael W. Smith?!?!? AAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!

7. (8:39) Pataki makes a nice start with the anecdotes about Oregon, Iowa, Pennsylvania, etc. New York spat in terrorism's eye. Straight applause line, fairly well delivered.

8. OKay, Pataki's about as dynamic as HTML 1. I understand why he's in this slot, but it doesn't make him any better.

9. (8:52) He's getting a bit better. Nice line about our defensive position.

10. (8:57) I'm very slow tonight. there is a fascinating conversation going on in the Command Post chat room. It's troll-free!

11. (9:00) Excellent! Fred Thompson will do the www.chaturbaterooms.com introduction. Oh, and Steven Taylor is liveblogging as well.

12. (9:08) Here we go. The theater in the round idea was a very good one. Ok, got that pesky acceptance stuff out of the way. "Died with a courage that frightened their killers", great line.

13. (9:12) Shout-outs to Cheney, Laura and the rest of the family. A bit nicer than thanking your (second) billionaire wife.

14. (9:15) Apparently, "Nothing will hold us back" is going to be the theme.

15. (9:17) Economy, education and security, right up front. Not unexpected, but good.

17. (9:20) This should be the social security section. He's right, all of the things he mentioned were created for a world when people started a job at 20 and left it (the same company) at 65. Someone might want to start thinking outside of the proverbial box on those issues.

18. (9:23) Tax code! "a simpler, fairer pro-growth system". Music to my little ears.

19. (9:26) I was right! The round stage works! V and PH both agree.

20. (9:29) At this point, he doesn't even need to mention his opponent. He's doing very well and it feels more like a SOTU speech than a campaign.

21. (9:38) The really sad thing is that, at Midnight tonight, Kerry will come out and basically say, "George Bush is full of shit!" and the NY Times will have a banner headline, "Bush Fails to Convince Nation!!!".

22. (9:43) "So we have fought the terrorists across the earth not for pride, not for power, but because the lives of our Jasmin live citizens are at stake." And at least some of us appreciate that.

23. (9:46) "Members of both political parties, including my opponent and his running mate, saw the threat, and voted to authorize the use of force. We went to the United Nations Security Council, which passed a unanimous resolution demanding the dictator disarm, or face serious consequences. Leaders in the Middle East urged him to comply. After more than a decade of diplomacy, we gave Saddam Hussein another chance, a final chance, to meet his responsibilities to the civilized world. He again refused, and I faced the kind of decision that comes only to the Oval Office a decision no president would ask for, but must be prepared to make. Do I forget the lessons of September 11th and take the word of a madman, or do I take action to defend our country? Faced with that choice, I will defend America every time." Ouch. Kerry better get the rebuttal machine cranked up.

24. (9:56) Ouch, again. Kerry is going to really regret that vote/non-vote.

25. (9:58) "Again, my opponent takes a different approach. In the midst of war, he has called America's allies, quote, a "coalition of the coerced and the bribed." That would be nations like Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Denmark, El Salvador, Australia, and others allies that deserve the respect of all Americans, not the scorn of a politician. I respect every soldier, from every country, who serves beside us in the hard work of history. America is grateful, and America will not forget." That was just devastating. But, since France and Germany weren't on the list, it doesn't matter.

26. (10:00) He's getting blog talking points!!!! "America has done this kind of work before and there have always been doubters. In 1946, 18 months after the fall of Berlin to allied forces, a journalist wrote in the New York Times, "Germany is a land in an acute stage of economic, political and moral crisis. [European] capitals are frightened. In every [military] headquarters, one meets alarmed officials doing their utmost to deal with the consequences of the occupation policy that they admit has failed." End quote. Maybe that same person's still around, writing editorials. Fortunately, we had a resolute president named Truman, who with the American people persevered, knowing that a new democracy at the center of Europe would lead to stability and peace. And because that generation of Americans held firm in the cause of liberty, we live in a better and safer world today."

27. (10:04) Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called "walking." Ok, I'm sorry. He totally nailed that line.

28. (10:08) If Gerson wrote this, "The world saw that spirit three miles from here, when the people of this city faced peril together, and lifted a flag over the ruins, and defied the enemy with their courage. My fellow Americans, for as long as our country stands, people will look to the resurrection of New York City and they will say: Here buildings fell, and here a nation rose.", then he is a genius.

29. (10:11) STOP THE PRESSES!!! Oliver is attacking the speech with vitriolic personal attacks. Damn, I thought his side was the compassionate one.

30. (10:12) Just kidding, Oliver hasn't started the personal stuff yet. I just felt the spirit of Lewis Lapham take over.

31. (10:15) My summation? That was a home run. Not a grand slam or a dramatic walk-off, but a good, solid shot just over the right field wall. He covered everything that was important, had some very poetic lines, some humor and some devastating, if very subtle, attacks on Kerry's record. Great speech. Kerry is in an odd position. He has to change his entire position and persona. (Update! Even Chris Matthews agrees with me, Home Run!)

32. updates to one post. My fingers are killing me. Thanks for reading and thanks to Steven for yet another link. Good night, and Tom Brokaw can kiss my narrow, white, conservative ass.

Running Late

Back to blog the RNC, Night III, but I see that the Supreme Being has a bit of jump on everyone.

Those damn deities will screw you every time.

I see that I somehow merited a mention on the MSNBC site with this post. Chris Matthews must be rolling over in his grave. (Sorry, a guy has to have a dream...)

The Reagan video is on, and I always tear up (and so do others), so I'll pause to give you the truly insanely paranoid "Christian Left"

1. (8:43) Screw "Ron" Reagan. Was that brief and pithy?

2. (8:47) Zell, Zell, Zell!!! Dammit! Douglas Brinkley is making my stomach turn.

3. (8:50) Sara Evans? I know it's too much to hope that Sara McLaughlin is a Republican.

4. (8:52) My bad. I was about to make a minor slam on the esteemed Poliblogger for promoting the 73 people updating Wizbang. Fortunately I looked again and he updated to include my minor presence. Sorry, Steven.

5. (8:58) Damn, I still feel bad about the Poliblog thing. Mostly because I almost made a complete idiot out of myself. Not that it would be anything new for me, but still.

6. (9:00) Nothing new, I just wanted to post right at 9. I can't believe I have two speeches to get through.

7. (9:02) Zell!! With Charlie Daniels music, how perfect.

8. (9:05) Zell throws up Wendell Wilie and the sacrifice of politics to national security. Absolutely devastating. "Where are those livejasmin leaders now?" Democratic "manic obsession to bring down the president". Jesus! He's not being very gentle. "Nothing makes this Marine madder than hearing US troops called occupiers instead of liberators". Zell is killing his own party.

9. (9:09) Zell's "it is the soldier" section was wrenching.

10. (9:10) My party believes America isthe problem, not the solution.

11. (9:13) SPITBALLS!!! That was freaking beautiful!

12. (9:22) If these mythical undecided voters can remember that Miller is a Democrat, that speech will be devstating.

13. (9:24) Cheney: "I'm sure glad Zell Miller's on our side" Good laugh line.

14. (9:25) Everyone knew the hair joke was coming and it was good.

15. (9:27) Cheney jumped all over the "humble beginnings" crap that John Edwards constantly harps on. Good call. Straight on to public schools and education reform.

16. (9:30) SWEET!! I don't have to blog the rest of this. The AP has already posted the entire speech. (See extended entry, posted Wednesday, September 1, 2004; 9:22 PM )

17. (9:33) Sorry about the previous update, but that relly pisses me off. And they wonder why the press gets upset about unscripted www.livesexchat.net moments. For god's sake. speak from your heart or your mind. Stop appeasing the deadline obsessed media.

18. (9:35) Nice to see that Captain Ed agreed with me, almost verbatim, about Zell. The true test of a man's intelligence is how closely he agrees with you.

19. (9:41) Here comes the smash. "Kerry speaks often of his service in Vietnam. However, there are another 19 years to look at". He's killing Kerry on his Senate career and just threw in the "sensitive" remark. "As though Al Qeada will be impressed with our softer side". "He says that he will respond forcefully when America is attacked....My fellow Americans, we have already been attacked!" That was an absolutely crushing line.

20. (9:48) "A senator can be wrong for twenty years without consequence to the nation" If that isn't the most damning statement made tonight, someone should correct me.

21. (9:50) Flip-flop time. War, NCLB, NAFTA, Patriot Act. "Kerry says he sees two Americas. It's mutual, America sees two John Kerry's." Heh, effing heh.

22. (9:54) He's not done yet, but since I've already read the speech and know who I'm voting for, I'll just say that Cheney was fine, he's no Zell, but who is?

Another succesful night for the GOP. Kerry is, justifiably, shitting his pants. It's going to take a bit more than Joe Lockhart, Johnny Boy. Bush has had a 3% jump in approval in a poll that was taken before the convention. You think he'll go down after all of this? If you do, your name is Oliver Willis.

Excellent! Much smarter people than me agree about Zell.

Good night. Hit the blogroll, everyone has more commentary than I do. I must sleep.

Blogging the RN

As much as I'd like to be there, it's a bit like I feel about the Super Bowl. It'd be fun to go, but you'd see more staying home and watching TV.

Let the live blogging commence, typos and all. I know I won't be able to keep up with her, but she's a pro.

1. (7:12 PM) Terry McCauliffe is on O'Reilly, complete idiot. He felt that Giuliani was "a bit harsh". Doesn't think that most conservatives believe in the platform. He's, of course, attacking the totally out of context quotes about not winning the war. O'Reilly is doing pretty well, being logical. Terry thinks that no matter if a war on terror is actually winnable (as in killing every single terrorist) the president should always say that we can. Obviously, Kerry would win it in the first 100 days of his administration. Republicans aren't compassionate. He just said that only the top 1% got a tax cut. Blatant lie, but Bill called him on it and he's changed the subject. Amazing how some people just cause your stomach to churn.

2. (7:20 PM) Okay, really watching the convention now. George P. Bush is on. He's not getting a lot of reaction from the crowd. It must be bathroom break time. It is a bit refreshing to see a member of the younger (my, sort of) generation speak halfway intelligently about social security. Silly Spanish ending, though.

3. (7:25 PM) Dana somebody is performing. Cute, but interchangable with every other cutesy pop star of the moment. Obviously she's a GOP babe of the day somewhere.

4. (6:46 PM) Obviously a bit of a break in the festivities. Say what you will about Bush, he's done pretty well with the ladies.

5. (6:48 PM) Woohoo, Republicans doing some charity work! That doesn't really happen does it? Without cameras around? God knows I'd rather be caught with a young Filipino pool boy than be near those silly poor people. Sorry, minor segment on faith-based initiatives.

6. (7:59 PM) Nice transition from Salsa music to Bill Frist. Ummm...., I'm kidding. What exactly is the deal with the required helmet hair among member of the Senate? God, I hate it when politicians use props (he's holding up the medicare card). i don't care if it's a fireman's badge or a Ross Perot chart. It always looks stiff. Good point about the Dems trying to get a drug benefit forever, but the GOP actually doing it. Medical savings accounts, an idea I love. Ahhh, my favorite, tort reform. Straight into the heart of Edwards. It must be incredibly distracting to speak with hundreds of people just milling about, not paying attention to anything. Stems cells, blah blah, blah. I'm sorry. I just can't get too worked up about it one way or the other. Frist is just not the most exciting person on earth.

Side Note! Michele is back (temporarily) and kicking the crap out of the protesters.

7. (8:16 PM) Elizabeth Hasslebeck. Never heard of her. I obviously don't watch enough television.

Side Note II! Unless Roger Staubach makes an appearance at the convention I may have to vote for Nader. Lynn Swann? He spent the whole of the Seventies breaking my heart.

8. (8:28 PM) It's Rod Paige. He looks just like a vice-principal I had in high school. He scares me. That dude was mean. Rod looks like he could kick some serious ass, like a retired NFL linebacker. I wish the President would turn him loose on the NEA. Ouch, I'm conflicted. Great, we may have improved education, but is that the federal government's job? Is it great that we spent more in the last three years than in the entire Clinton administration? I mean, I'm a Republican and I STILL don't drive Jag. Amazing, after three years, I think this is the first time I've actually seen Paige speak. He's really quite good. Giuliani/Paige? God knows I'd like to see him take on Edwards or whatever milquetoast the Donk's put up for VP.

9. (8:42 PM) Michael Steele. I'd heard of him, but never seen him. He's not bad. His mantra about what hope doesn't do was great. I wonder how long it will take Oliver to call him a house you-know-what?

10. (8:54 PM) Ack. More GOP Babe pop. Sadly she sings like a wounded cow. No idea who she is, but her name is probably Heather or something equally banal. (My apologies to Heathers across the planet)

11. (8:58 PM) Dammit! Just once, can't we as a party rise up and demand delegates that can dance?!?!?

12. (9:00 PM) Arnold! Looking fit, thank goodness he lost all of that weight. Nice line with the True Lies thing. "You're as good a politician as you were an actor". Heh.

13. (9:03 PM) He really has gotten better. In just a year it's like his speech patterns have improved. Great story about the communist soldiers. The anecdote about the Nixon/Humphrey debate seems to work. Of course, we had to have the throwaway line about his wife's family. Work hard and play by the rules. Arnold sums up the differences between the Dems and the GOP better than anyone has thus far.

Side Note III! Scrappleface crushes the mainstrem media, again.

14 (9:11 PM) "If you believe that the government should be accountable to the people and not the people being accountable to the government then you are a Republican." Great line, I wish I could type fast enough to get that whole section. His UN line was beautiful.

15. (9:13 PM) ECONOMIC GIRLIEMEN!!!! (Shut up, how would you freaking spell girliemen?)

16. (9:15 PM) The troops are fighting for one America, not two (especially the troops from Calleeforneeeuh). Arnold is absolutely killing them. I thought Rudy would be hard to top, but he's raising the bar.

Side Note IV! Who knew that the Supreme Being would have time to blog the convention?

17. (9:23 PM) I have to say, with no reservations, that Arnold went beyond anything I had dreamed. He was outstanding. Would you rather have him or Janean Garafalo? He was great. Chris Matthews even said that it was an historic speech.

18. (9:26 PM) The twins introducing their father and hacking on their grandmother. Kinda cute, kinda creepy. But at least they're self-deprecating. Barbara is definitely the hot one. Bushie? Thank god, they had a hamster. I wish Jenna would get over the little chuckle thing. They seemed fairly normal.

19. (9:34 PM) That was brilliant. George introducing his wife.

20. (10:07 PM) Laura was good. Low key, and utterly disarming. I'd be more verbose about the whole thing, but domestic tranquility calls.

Good night, and thanks to both of you that read this drivel.