The March of Time

I'm in Wichita to attend my 20th high school reunion. Egad, where hath the time gone. T-minus 60 minutes until I face around 300 of the 900 or so people I graduated with. That seems like an incredible turnout considering the two decades that have passed.

Anyway, it's a two day event and I'll probably post my impressions as the weekend progresses.

i just keep repeating to myself, "I still have all of my hair, I still have all of my hair..."

Book Auction Update

As it currently stands, the three top bids are $400, $250 and $225. Obviously that would raise a total of $875, but I think we can do better than that! Let me be slightly clearer.

Victor. Davis. Hanson. Autographed. Book.

And, just since the books will be coming to me first, I'm going to throw something special in with each winning bid. You just never know what it will be. I live in Arkansas, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks to everyone for the links to this auction, including The Corner, LT Smash, Michele, Kevin, Marine Coprs Moms, Mr. E Poet and everyone else that I couldn't find via trackback.

The bidding closes at 11:59 PM CST and your bids must be placed in the comment section of this post. Winners will be announced once the confirmation of payment is received.