Mother's Day

My mom went in for a physical a couple of weeks ago, to unpleasant results. She's in her early sixties and in good health (sickness-wise, she does have some fairly extensive back and neck problems). The doctor doing the physical apparently saw something he didn't like and sent her for a stress test. Despite her stunning intellect, this was a test she failed miserably. After being sent to a heart specialist and undergoing an immediate heart catheterization, a severe blockage was found just above her aorta. This led to an extremely stressful couple of weeks for the extended family while the doctors decided what the best course of action would be. It was thought, due to the location of the blockage, that an angioplasty and the insertion of a stent would be risky and the bypass may be the better option. However, they finally decide to to try the stent.

She underwent the procedure yesterday. They had two rooms set up for her. One for the angio and the other for if it didn't work and they had to perform the bypass. I won't go into the full details (you can get them here) but suffice it to say that they insert a tube in a very uncomfortable spot and work both the balloon and the stent into place. What I didn't know is that you were awake throughout the whole thing. When I talked to Mom last night, she said it was, bar none, the strangest thing she has ever felt.

Apparently, the worst part of being awake, was when something went wrong. After the stent was put into place, they began the process of deflating and removing the balloon and it got stuck. Mom says she could hear excited voices barking out orders and began to feel a tightness in her chest that quickly spread to her arms, neck and head. She said that realized she was probably dying. She was alert enough to decide that she was having a stroke. She tried to speak, but could only moan a little and she then heard someone repeating, "She's in distress, she's in distress!". The problem with the balloon being stuck is obviously that the bloodflow out of your heart is being blocked, sort of a man-made heart attack. I can't even begin to imagine the horror of being incapacitated but conscious enough to feel yourself slipping away.

They finally got the balloon to move and got it out of her. At that point, Mom said that the tighness and pressure eased immediately. According to the doctors, the result was exactly what they wanted and the procedure was a total success. Now, if we can only keep her still long enough to heal. My mother is not exactly sedentary. We will, however, gang up on her if necessary.

Ok, more than you needed to know. I didn't think I'd write about this at all, but it should explain the total lack of productivity around here. She is a terrific human being, as thoughtful as anyone on the planet, and most of all, more than anyone deserves in a mother.

Vicky, of course, was a rock though all of this. She knew from the beginning that things would turn out okay and helped me more than she'll ever know. i really do have two terrific women in my life. Now if they'd just stop nagging me about my weight. (Too little, not too much).

Quick Hits

48 Degrees! It was freaking 48 degrees when I walked out of the house this morning. 48 degrees. Sixteen degrees above freezing. In August. In Arkansas. Just for perspective, the average low for this date is 68. That's twenty degrees below normal for those of you keeping track. The record low was 47 back in 1967. Let me reiterate. I'm wearing a jacket. In August. In Arkansas. The only explanation I can come up with is that the further away the Kerry campaign gets, the cooler it gets. They're obviously sucking all of the hot air along with them (Please tell me they're headed to Hawaii next).

In other news...

This probably isn't the best day for you to fulfill your lifelong dream of attending a Devil Rays game.

This is the funniest thing on the net since the Your Land movie.

Michele, after months of trials and tribulations, is in her new house, but HIGHLY dissatisfied with the neighbors.

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